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Here are some links to other skua pictures on the internet.
Given the realisation that Brown Skua does occur in the North Atlantic, maybe some of the North Atlantic birds should be looked at again. If you know of any good and instructive images please let me know.

It's always worth a search of Google Images with the keyword catharacta. (also try Falkland Skua, Brown Skua, Great Skua etc.)

Florida Ornithological Society South Polar Skua

Brian Patteson's Skua and Gull page

Angus Wilson's Brown Skua page

Goleta Natural History Museum Falkland Skua

Falklands conservation adult Falkland Skua.

Photo by Nick Lawton of an adult Falkland Skua.

Picture on of a South Polar Skua.

Birding Africa website article, with pictures of Brown Skuas titled The Great Skua Debate.

ZestforBirds website Gull and Skua page.

An unidentified skua on the beach at Dungeness on 15th/16th November 2002. Although rather plain looking, this bird lacks the grey and vinous tones of the Brown Skuas that have turned up in the UK. I believe this bird to be a Great Skua.

Great Skua on the beach in the Netherlands on 15th December 2002. This bird looks very similar to the Dungeness bird above. Neither bird is in full adult plumage, and they are in a similar state of primary moult.

Great Skua on the beach at Dungeness, late January 2003. This bird has insufficient scapular and covert hackles for an adult, but it is probably older than 3CY.

South Polar Skua Cordell Bank, California, 7th September 2001. This bird is still growing its outer primaries which fits South Polar well. Its appearance is a close fit to many of the birds photographed in Senegal.

South Polar Skua California, unknown date 1998. This is a very chunky looking bird for a South Polar, but it is similar to some of the birds photographed in Senegal.

South Polar Skua Hokkaido, Japan, unknown date 2002. This is a pale phase bird.

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