Camera Set-up
Nikon Coolpix 990 + Swarovski ST80 HD


Dick Newell


April 2001


Paphos, Cyprus

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Some pictures by me on this site are taken using a Canon D30 (also D60) with a Canon 100-400 IS lens

Below are some pictures of my digiscoping set-up which comprises:
Nikon Coolpix 990 (with cork and elastic band to overcome faulty battery flap)
[I did temporarily move to a 995, but I experienced difficulty in getting good focus].
Nikon cable release (not shown - an essential, but frustratingly temperamental device) - I have now abandoned this useless device and use a mechanical one instead.
Swarovski ST80 HD with 20-60 zoom eye-piece.
Kaiser slide-viewer (cheap item), with the back hacked off and attached with Velcro
Manfrotto Micropositioning Sliding Plate (to position C of G of whole assembly)
Manfrotto Head
Gitzo Tripod
Home-made hinged bracket made from aluminium and sheet steel.
The bracket attaches to the base of the eye-piece and will only work on those eye-pieces where there is a suitable gap at the base. The thumb-screw inserts into a steel washer that is glued to the back of the camera.

I can assemble the camera to the scope in less than 10 seconds, and when assembled it is very solid. Dis-assembly takes 2 or 3 seconds. Quick orientation of the camera between landscape and portrait format is easy.
There is always full access to the telescope zoom.
The camera lens is as close to the eye-piece lens as it possibly can be, minimizing vignetting on lower zoom shots.



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