Rincon Rainforest

The Bridge Project, Rincon Rainforest, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Along the north edge of the easternmost Area de Conservacion Guanacaste (ACG),which is in northwestern Costa Rica. The ACG covers about 2% of the country.

This is quite a complex project to precis. Run by the Area de Conservation Guanacaste under the control of the internationally respected ecologist Professor Dan Janzen of the University of Pennsylvania, it is a land and forest purchase project in the northern highlands of Costa Rica linking the established Reserve of Santa Rosa in the Pacific lowlands with the National Parks of Guanacaste and Rincon de la Vieja. This provides a continuous bridge or corridor of forest from the Pacific lowland dry gallery forest to the highland cloud forests.

Such a corridor is considered vitally important in this narrow neck of Central America both for long distance bird immigrants, and for altitudinal migration of birds, mammals and insects.

Down payments have already been made for the purchase of a 530 hectare area of mixed rainforest and pasture suitable for reforestation.


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