How you can help

You can help the environment in many ways:

  • Don't buy tropical hardwoods. Ask if your local authority has a policy on the use of such timber.
  • Avoid using throw-away paper products like cups, plates, kitchen roll and nappies when you can find reusable alternatives.
  • Re-use paper wherever possible and encourage your office to reduce its paper consumption, using simple paper saving techniques such as recycling and reusing paper and envelopes, double sided photocopying and using electronic mail.
  • Collect used paper for recycling and always buy stationery made from recycled paper.
  • Recycle unwanted wood. If your local council does not have a wood recycling scheme, request that it sets one up.
  • If you're buying furniture, doors, replacement floorboards, etc, try to buy secondhand, or a product made from reclaimed wood. If new wood is the only option, make locally-produced wood endorsed by the Forest Stewardship Council ( your first choice. If there's none available, ask for locally-produced wood, or buy FSC-endorsed wood from overseas.
  • Check out the CTF Fact Sheet on What can be done to save the Rainforests?